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Polytechnic Agricultural Engineering Dediapada Narmada
Distribution Of Marks

I. Theory (Internal and Semester End Examination)
             (i) Objective type of questions   :   60% 
             (ii) Subjective type of questions :  40%
II. Practical
 (A) Practical Exam:
(i)  Specimen /Written                  : 60%
(ii) Oral                                         : 20% 
(iii) Journal                                   : 10%
(iv) Practical work                        : 10%   
Note: Distribution/weightage will depend upon the nature of practical.  

                A course teacher shall be responsible for evaluating the student’s performance and maintaining the history of the material covered in the courses by system of internal tests, term papers, assignments and semester end examination.

                Each course shall be of 100 marks (Theory and / or practical combined). The mode of evaluation and weightage for each course shall be as shown in 5.3.1. The weighted score secured by candidate out of a total of 100 marks in a course shall be converted to equivalent grade under 10.00 point system which represent the grade point for that course.

           The following marking also shall be shown by the teacher / examiner in the students performance report.





4.50 and above



Below 4.50





For those who do not appear at semester end examination due to unforeseen circumstances as certified by the Dean/Principal (in very exceptional cases only). As per item 5.3.7



Candidates not permitted to appear at the semester end examination. As per items 5.3.6



For those who do not appear at semester end examination due to unforeseen circumstances as certified by the Principal / Dean (in very exceptional cases only)



To be shown by university in evaluation report and transcript in case of course repeated and cleared as per 5.3.8.



For intensive, field work, plot work, non-credit courses and study tour



Note: Grade point “S” or “US” shall have no significance in calculating   G.P.A. / C.G.P.A. / O.G.P.A.
A student shall have to appear at the examination to be announced by the principal. Absence from the examination on account of valid reason and prior permission of Principal shall be sufficient cause to award I grade and the student shall have to clear that course in the subsequent semesters.

Student who fails to appear in any of the examinations (viz. at least one internal theory test, practical examination, semester end examination either in theory and / or in practical) shall be marked  “Ab”  (absent) and the value of  “Ab” is to be taken as zero while calculating grade point.

A student shall not be permitted to appear at the semester end examination of a particular course(s), if the concerned teacher(s) report that his / her academic performance is not satisfactory and / or that he / she has not satisfactorily carried out the laboratory, field, practical work during the semester and / or he / she has not been regular in attending classes. His / her absence from the semester classes. His / her absence from the semester end examination on this account shall be considered trial and will have to repeat that course shall be marked “R”. He /she will be eligible to take the remaining three trials only after repeating the course(s) as and when they are offered.

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the sum of the products of credits of a course and the grade point obtained in that course divided by the total number of credits of the different courses offered in the semester i.e.                              
                                G1C1 + G2C2 + G3C3…                         Total Grade Points
         GPA    =      ---------------------------------------      =   -----------------------------        
                                 C1   +    C2 +    C3….                             Total Credits
         G = Grade point obtained in a particular course,
         C=Credit of the respective course

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) obtained by the student up to the end of a particular semester shall be calculated by dividing the sum of the products of the grade point average and the credits in each semester by the total credits completed up to the end of that semester.
The Overall Grade Point average (OGPA) is the cumulative grade point average obtained at the end of final semester.  A grade point below 4.50 in a course shall be counted in working out GPA for that semester. However, on revision of the grade point after repeating that course the earlier grade point shall be replaced by the revised grade point and CGPA / OGPA shall be recalculated.


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     N. M. College of Agriculture
     Aspee College of Horticulture
     College of Forestry
     Aspee Agribusiness Management Institute
     Vanbandhu College of Veterinary Sci. and Animal Husb.
     College of Fisheries Science, Navsari
     College of Agriculture, Bharuch
     College of Agriculture, Waghai
     College of Agricultural Engineering Dediapada, Narmada
     Aspee Shakilam Biotechnology Institute, Surat
     Polytechnic in Agriculture Bharuch
     Polytechnic in Agriculture Vyara
     Polytechnic in Agriculture, Waghai
     Polytechnic in Horticulture - Navsari
     Polytechnic in Horticulture, Paria
     Polytechnic Agricultural Engineering Dediapada Narmada
     Polytechnic in Animal Husbandry, Navsari

Research Centers
     Main Sugarcan Research Station, Navsari
     Main Cotton Research Station,Surat
     Main Sorghum Research Station, Athwa
     Regional Rice Research Station, Vyara
     Regional Cotton Research Station, Maktampura,Bharuch
     Soil and Water Management Research Unit
     Soil-Science Department
     Agriculture Experimental Station Paria
     Agricultural Research Station, Tanchha
     Agricultural Research Station, Achhalia
     Livestock Research Station, Navsari
     Mega Seed, Pulses and Castor Research Unit, Navsari
     Fruit Research Station, Gandevi
     Wheat Research Station,Bardoli
     Niger Research Station, Vanarasi
     National Agricultural Research Project, Bharuch
     Cotton Wilt Research Sub Station,Hansot
     Agriculture Research Station, Mangarol
     Hill Millet Research Station,Waghai

Extension Centers
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra: Navsari
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra Vyara
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra Waghai
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra Dediyapada
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra: Surat
     Agricultural Technology Information Center
     Sardar Smruti Kendra Navsari
     Bakery Training Unit: Navsari
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