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Cotton Wilt Research Sub Station,Hansot

  • Mode of travel to reach the center :

Distance from Ankleshwar Railway station 20 Km/ Bus stop One km. by Auto Rickshaw  Hansot Near Ka-Ka- Ba Hospital

  • Agro climatic Zone :
    AES II South Gujarat Medium Rainfall Zone the station falls under Gujarat Agro climatic Zone II
  • Rainfall :
    The annual average rainfall of this station for last 30 years is 810 mm
  • Soil :
    The soil of the farm is Heavy black soil with high moisture retentive capacity which is poor in nitrogen medium in phosphorous and high in potash. Most of the micronutrient is up to the sufficient level in the soil. pH is 7.8.
  • Temperature :
    The climatic condition of the area represents the subtropical conditions with semi arid climatic conditions. The monsoon commenced by third week of June. Average minimum and maximum temperature of the year varying from 22.5 C0 to 30.75 C0
  • Geographical details :







East 72.49


12 meter

Temperature varies:

22.5o to 30.75o Centigrade

Average Rainfall:

810 mm



  • Soil properties :


Heavy black soil with high moisture retentive capacity




0.23 to 0.30  


9.2 to 24.3 kg/ha


908 to 1192 kg/ha


0.35 to 0.69 mmhos/cm

  • Infrastructure :


Cotton Farm

Taluka Seed farm

Total area of farm:

4.61 ha

11.69 ha

Farm area under cultivation:

3.85 ha

10.25 ha

Area Under farm structure:

0.76 ha

1.44 ha

Irrigated area

3.85 ha

10.25 ha

Irrigated facilities:



Source of Irrigation:



  • Address of the Research Station :
    Cotton Wilt Breeding Station Navsari Agricultural University Hansot Dist. Bharuch 393 030(Gujarat) (India)

Phone No. :
(02646) 262 048, 9662500621. E-mail :- arshansot@ nau.in


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