| Online Examination Software of NAU - Marks Entry for Post-Graduate Programmes (Forestry Discipline)Exam held in May.2017-Jul.2017 |       | Online Examination Software of NAU - Extended Marks Entry for Post-Graduate Programmes Exam held in May.2017-Jul.2017 |       | દુરદર્શન કેન્દ્ર, અમદાવાદ, આકાશવાણી કેન્દ્ર, વડોદરા તથા BISAG સ્ટુડિયો, ગાંધીનગર દ્વારા ઓક્ટોબર-૨૦૧૭ થી માર્ચ-ર૦૧૮ દરમ્યાન પ્રસારીત થનાર કૃષિ વિષયક કાર્યક્રમ માટે વિષય/વ્યાખ્યાનોની માહિતી મોકલવા બાબત.. |       | ચો૫ડા, ૫ે૫ર ૫સ્‍તી તેમજ અન્‍ય ૫રચુરણ્‍ા ૫સ્‍તીના ભાવો મંજુર કરવા બાબત... |       | NOTIFICATION: " Security Committee" |       | Organization of Farmers day at Research Centres of NAU |       | Scientists Teams for Updatation of Information in Agricultural Educatorium at NAU Navsari |       | Circular regrding revised rate for the accomodation in the university guest house at nau, navsari |       | NOTIFICATION: " Assent to (Common Statutes) amendment in Statutes S-001 to 121 for all the four State Agricultural University |       | Mass production and distribution of microbial insecticide |      
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         N. M. College of Agriculture
         ASPEE College of Horticulture
         College of Forestry
         ASPEE Agribusiness Management Institute
         Vanbandhu College of Veterinary Sci. and Animal Husb.
         College of Fisheries Science, Navsari
         College of Agriculture, Bharuch
         College of Agriculture, Waghai
         College of Agricultural Engineering Dediapada, Narmada
         ASPEE SHAKILAM Agri. Biotechnology Institute, Surat
         Polytechnic in Agriculture Bharuch
         Polytechnic in Agriculture Vyara
         Polytechnic in Agriculture, Waghai
         Polytechnic in Horticulture - Navsari
         Polytechnic in Horticulture, Paria
         Polytechnic Agricultural Engineering Dediapada Narmada
         Polytechnic in Animal Husbandry, Navsari

    Research Centers
         Main Sugarcan Research Station, Navsari
         Main Cotton Research Station,Surat
         Main Sorghum Research Station, Athwa
         Regional Rice Research Station, Vyara
         Regional Cotton Research Station, Maktampura,Bharuch
         Soil and Water Management Research Unit
         Soil-Science Department
         Agriculture Experimental Station Paria
         Agricultural Research Station, Tanchha
         Agricultural Research Station, Achhalia
         Livestock Research Station, Navsari
         Mega Seed, Pulses and Castor Research Unit, Navsari
         Fruit Research Station, Gandevi
         Wheat Research Station,Bardoli
         Niger Research Station, Vanarasi
         National Agricultural Research Project, Bharuch
         Cotton Wilt Research Sub Station,Hansot
         Agriculture Research Station, Mangarol
         Hill Millet Research Station,Waghai

    Extension Centers
         Krushi Vigyan Kendra: Navsari
         Krushi Vigyan Kendra Vyara
         Krushi Vigyan Kendra Waghai
         Krushi Vigyan Kendra Dediyapada
         Krushi Vigyan Kendra: Surat
         Agricultural Technology Information Center
         Sardar Smruti Kendra Navsari
         Bakery Training Unit: Navsari
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