Message from Vice Chancellor

Dr. Z. P. Patel

Vice Chancellor

Navsari Agricultural University,
Navsari-396 450 
Telephone Number : Office : (02637) 283869,
Fax : (02637) 282554
Residence : (02637) 282584, 292111

With the inception in 2004, the Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari had vision to transform itself into the “Knowledge Power Centre”. Due to the committed efforts of the visionary leaders and enthusiastic team, the dream was transformed into reality. It was recognized well by the accrediting committee of the ICAR in 2017 by awarding glories 9th position among all the SAUs and ICAR institutes in the nation. The glorious position was not an incentive; rather was an inspiration which is encouraging all of us to give best in our respective endeavor. The words of famous Greek philosopher Plato “We do not act ‘rightly’ because we are ‘excellent’, in fact we achieve ‘excellence’ by acting ‘rightly’ seems best to elucidate the success of the university.

However, we must remember that the only permanent rule in this universe is impermanence, means nothing is permanent. Therefore, until or unless we will not make the “acting rightly” for the “achieving excellence” as our habit, we will not do the justice with the supreme power of the universe.

On behalf of all the family members of the NAU, I can ensure that we will make all out efforts to cater to the needs of large poor, illiterate tribal farming community, on one hand and highly industrious, educated and technology savvy people, on the other through developing technocrats and technologies.

We have world class team with full of enthusiasm and state of art facilities which is being upgraded constantly. I have full trust in our team and confident that every year new benchmark will be surely achieved through dedicated efforts by all of them.

Certainly, the farmers and different stakeholders of the zone deserve rich applause as one side they are real source of inspiration for all of us and another side best evaluator of our technologies. We measure our success from their satisfaction and growth. Bringing curves on their lips is the straight strategy of our professional life.


(Dr. Z. P. Patel)

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