Bakery Training Unit: Navsari

To fulfill the aforesaid objectives, school of Baking conducts the following activities.


This certificate course is considered as a regular course of the school. In each course 20 students are admitted. The aim is to impart training in modern techniques of bakery technology. The course also provides opportunity to impart knowledge and improve skill of trainee for preparing about 80 items including common bakery products, like Bread, Biscuits, Cookies, Nankhatai, Cake, Khari, Puff, Pizza, Burger, Surti butter, Danish pastry, Doughnut, Cream roll, Buns, Toast etc. and also pia, Sweet roll, Marshmallow, ladies, etc. and so many fancy products, through theory and practical classes. It also cover the knowledge regarding quality of  raw material, scientific knowledge of ingredients, improved process, economics of food preparation, handling of various equipment and machinery, project report, government laws, loan facilities, establishment of bakery unit, planning and layout, selling of products, accounts etc. The detailed information regarding the course is as under.


Duration of Course

20 weeks (approximately 4½ months.) 


Course commence twice in a year. Generally in the month of July and December. The advertisement regarding commencement of the course will be published in leading local Gujarati news paper, before one month of commencement.

Educational Qualification

S.S.C. (10th std.) The special provision is made for the candidate sponsored by any private or co-operative bakery or educational, government, and semi-government institution. In such case candidate must passed 9th std. and having two years experience in bakery.


15 to 35 years on the date of commencement of the course. It may be relaxed in the case of sponsored candidates.


Each trainee has to pay Rs.125/- as a deposit and caution money, which is refundable after completion of the course and a negligible amount of Rs. 13/- to be paid as a magazine, identity card and mark sheet fees.


Schedule Tribe candidates are eligible to get stipend of Rs. 190/- per month.

Hostel facilities

School has its own fully equipped hostel facilities for boys. However lady candidates are provided accommodation in the other ladies hostel of the university.


As the training is connected with food material, to maintain health and sanitation, a white (preferably made up of cotton cloth) uniform is decided by the university. For male student, paint, shirt, apron and cap and for lady student sari or full dress, apron and cap/scarf.

Application Form

Application form along with prospectus could be obtained on the payment of Rs. 20/- in cash or by sending crossed I.P.O. drawn in four of “Navsari Agricultural University Fund A/c. \" addressed to The Assistant Extension Educationist.


For admission, 7, 14 &27 percent seats are reserve for S.C., S.T. and S.E.B.C. candidates, respectively. The vacant seats can be filled up from general merit list.


Eligible candidates will be called for an oral interview on the basis of merit for their final selection.


The course includes Bread Making, Cake and confectionery, related studies and Basic science subjects, in which raw-materials used for the products. Flour-Fat-Sugar-Water-Leaving agent Milk-Egg-Essence-Color-Fruits and Nuts, scientific processing of Bread-Cake-Biscuit-Cookies, quality of product and how to prevent it in quality improvement and establishment of bakery unit etc.

Medium of instruction



Certificates will be awarded to the students, who are successful in the final examination conducted by the University.



  • Bakery industry can be established.
  • On the basis of certificate, loan/subsidy may be obtained from District industrial centre, Nationalized or Co-operative Banks, Gujarat state Financial Corporation or such other financial institutions.
  • Job opportunities are open in the private, Co-operative, Semi government or government bakery sector in the country as well as in abroad.


<p justify;\"="" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; line-height: 18px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; background-color: rgb(242, 242, 242);">In this training programmehousewives/ladies are practically trained to prepare small but nutritious products such as balanced biscuit, Masalabiscuit, Nankhatai, Cake, Khari, Vegetable puff, Pizza, Burger, Bread, Surti butter, Danish pastry, Doughnut, Cherry, I.B.C. Melting moment or the products which are famous in the particular area.

The detail of the course is under;


Duration of the course

One week (Monday to Friday)


Normally 9.30 to 2.30 p.m. It may be changed as per the requirement.



Normally from every Monday during the month of May-June of each calendar year.



No admission fee. But one has to pay the fixed cost of raw materials provided by the school. However, the products prepared by the trainees are allowed to take away at their home.

Hostel facility

Hostel facility is not provided.

Application form

Application form could be availed free of cost from the school. The filled in form must reach to the school in time.

Distinguished feature


The use of gas-oven, Solar-cooker, pressure-cooker and other domestic methods are taught to bake the products during this training programme, hence one can bake the products at home even without fire wood oven.

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