Research Activities

National Agricultural Research Project, Bharuch


A. Ongoing experiment 2011-12 


1 Large scale varietal Trial of pigeonpea
2 Small scale varietal Trial of pigeonpea
3 Innitial Varital Trial
4 Initial Hybrid Trial IHT-ISOPOM
5 Advanced hybrid trial of pigeonpea
6 Stale VegetableTrial dual (Vge)
7 Stale VegetableTrial dual (Grain)
8 Prelinimary yield Trial (ML)
9 Prelinimary yield Trial (vege)
10 Crossing Programme
11 Demonstration
12 Maintenance of germplasm of Pigeonpea.
13 Selection and generation advancement
14 Seed production of released varieties.
15 Preliminary Evaluation Trial of Mung
16 Preliminary Evaluation Trial of Urid


17 Effect of integrated nutrient management on the yield of pigeonpea cv.Vaishali under rainfed Condition in South Gujarat
18 Method and levels of FYM and Bio-compost application on the yield of Pigeonpea cv. Vaishal and soil property e.g. soil agrigate under rainfed condition in South Gujarat.


19 Evaluation of different insecticides for the control of mealy bug in pigeonpea. cv.Vaishali.
20 Evaluation of newer insecticides against pod borers in pigeonpea.
21 Screening of pigeonpea genotypes/Varieties against pod borer and pod fly.
22 LSVT(E) of Pigeonpea-Entomological trial
23 LSVT(M) of Pigeonpea-Entomological trial
24 Special Plant Protection trail on Pigeonpea
25 Surveillance of Helicoverpa armigera in pigeonpea through sex pheromones.
26 Survey and surveillance of key pests of pigeonpea.


27 Screening of Mung been lines against YMV-64lines
28 Screening of Urad been lines against YMV-46 lines
29 S.M.D. Nursery -20 lines
30 Special trial on plant protection-8lines
31 TVRI lines for diseases screening – 35 lines
32 Development of wilt resistant in wilt sick plot selected(individual plant progeny)-68 lines
33 Co-ordinate trials
a-National nursery for IVT&AVT lines against diseases reaction-14 lines
b-Pigeon pea wilt and SMD Nursery -32 lines
34 Lsvt early against diseases reaction-12 lines
Lsvt (M) against diseases reaction-7 lines
35 Segregating material
F2 22 Lines, F3 28 Lines, F4 21 Lines, F5 19 Lines, F6 20 Lines, F7

Seed production Programme 2011-12 :

Sr.No. Crop Variety Stage Area in Hact.
1 Pigeonpea GT-1 Breeder 0.50
2   Vaisahli Uni.seed 1.00
3   GT-1 Uni.seed 1.00
4   BDN-2 Uni.seed 0.30
5 Mung Meha Uni.seed 0.30
6   Pusa Vishal Uni.seed 0.30
7 Urid GU-1 Uni.seed 0.20

B. Teaching

Under Graduate Teaching

Sr. No. Course Code Course Name Name of Teachers Teachingin Academic Year Teaching at
1 _ Plant Protection-1,2, Crop production-1,2, Soil Science and Agril. Extention Prof. G. C. Kher Principal 2008,2009, 2010,2011 Diploma in Agriculture, and Polytechnic In Agriculture, Maktampur, BHARUCH
2 Agron. 111 General Agriculture  G. C. Kher 2011-12
3 PBR-111 Botany of Field Crops Dr. J. R. Nizama 2010-11
4 PBR-111 Botany of Field Crops Dr. J. R. Nizama 2011-12
5 Pl. Patho.121 Introductory Plant Pathology and Nematology Dr. A. N. Mehta 2010-11
6 - - Plant Protection-2 Dr. A. N. Mehta 2010-11
7 Ento. 111 Agricultural Zoology R. K. Patel 2010-11
8 Ento. 122 Fundaments of Entomology R. K. Patel 2010-11
9 Ento. 111 Agricultural Zoology R. K. Patel 2011-12

Post Graduate Major Advisor : 

Sr. No. Subject Name of Major Advisor Name of Student Degree Course Year
1 Plant Breeding and Genetics Dr. J. R. Nizama Botve R. R. M.Sc.(Agri.) 2010
2 Plant Breeding and Genetics Dr. J. R. Nizama Ravindra Kumar M.Sc.(Agri.) 2010
3 Plant Breeding and Genetics Dr. J. R. Nizama Bhavesh N. Bhagora M.Sc.(Agri.) 2011
4 Plant Pathology Dr. A. N. Mehta Chaudhari. C.L. M.Sc.(Agri.) 2011

C. Conference/Workshop/Seminar/Symposium/ Training Programme/Review meeting/Research Meeting attended :

Name of Participant Particulars
1 Dr. J. R. Nizama National seminar on Plant Physiology organised by N.A.U., Navsari & Indian Society for Plant Physiology New Delhi at N.A.U., Navsari on October-2005.
2 Dr. J. R. Nizama Ext. reforms schemes focusing on developing and Mgt. of Farmer’s groups at AAU, Anand during 30th January to 4th February, 2006
3 G. C. Kher QRT meet on Sorghum Agronomic Review-1999-2004 at Maharana Pratap Agril. Uni., Udepur during 2006
4 R. K. Patel Training programme on “Sherdi ni takav kheti padhdhati” at NAU, Navsari during 30 and 31st August, 2006.
5 G. C. Kher 36th Sorghum Workshop and group meeting on Sorghum Agronomy at Marathawada Agril. Uni., Parbhani during 2007
6 J. R. Nizama & 
G. C. Kher
Farm Business Management organized by MANAGE (Hyderabad) at N.A.U., Navsari during 6th to 10th August, 2007
7 R. K. Patel Training programme on “Sugarcane cultivation in biotic and abiotic stress conditions” organized by Sugarcane Breeding Institut(ICAR) at Coimbatore from 20 to 22nd February, 2008.