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Welcome to Navsari Agricultural University

Commencing with a college of agriculture established in 1965 on a sprawling farm land of 400 hectares located on the historic road of Dandi March around 3 km from Navsari railway station and 8 km from the National Highway No. 8, the Navsari campus gained the status of a separate agricultural university with effect from May 1, 2004.

The university caters to the needs of the farmers of the plantation crops in the heartland of Gujarat; the Kanam zone of cotton, sorghum and pigeon pea and hill millets of tribal belt. Besides the above, this area is also well known for its forest tree species like teak, Khair, Kalam and bamboo. To provide technological backup for the agricultural development in its domain (Map of Districts Covered) the Navsari Agricultural University has four fully developed faculties of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and Veterinary, 2 Zonal Research Stations (Navsari and Bharuch), three main crop based research station (cotton, sorghum and mango), 3 regional research station (Waghai, Vyara and Gandevi) and 6 verification/testing centers.

The extension component includes five Krushi Vigyan Kendras (Waghai, Vyara, Navsari, Dediyapada and Surat), Sardar Smruti Kendra (Navsari), Agricultural Technology Information Centre (Navsari), Agriculture Educatorium (Navsari), Tribal Women Training Centre (Dediyapada), Agro I.T.I (Navsari) and a Training & Visit scheme (Navsari). This University also offers Diploma courses in Agriculture at Waghai, Vyara and Bharuch; Horticulture at Navsari and Paria, Animal Husbandry at Navsari and Agricultural Engineering at Dediyapada. The short duration certificate courses on Bakery, Land scaping & Gardening are also run for rural youths by the University at Navsari.

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